David Chandler’s address to PrefabNZ

Read David’s address to PrefabNZ today. He speaks of Australia and New Zealand collaboration in tackling the global industrialised construction market. READ PAPER VIEW DAVID'S POWER POINT DISPLAY OF ADDRESS TO PREFABNZ CONFERENCE

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Senate Inquiry into Housing Affordability

This submission aims to challenge the narrowness of the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference and to present broader perspectives on Australian housing supply and affordability to the Committee. These include; 1. Comments on the context of this enquiry. 2. An overview of how the housing market is organised and trending. 3. Propose some outcomes which may emanate from this Inquiry. 4. Offer some specific comments in regard to the Inquiry’s Terms

150 Injuries in NSW Housing Industry in the 2 years to July 2012

Regulators face an uphill challenge in working out what to do with the residential construction industry and for that matter Australia’s wider construction and engineering industry ... READ ARTICLE

What’s the future for construction academia and research in Australia?

Construction academia and research has lost direction. It has no accountability for its poor level of contribution. The cloisters of tenure offer protection to a species that must now repurpose. Academics and researchers have hitched their hearts to a conjunction where the “built world” and the “natural world” meet. The descriptor “Built Environment” has become an omnibus for academics and researchers to leverage this nomenclature to garner more attention. This