AFR Construction Code Crippling Unions Dave Noonan CFMEU – letter to AFR Editor published, 20th June 2014

Today’s construction sites tell the story of wasteful work methods and waste. Noonan’s letter benchmark’s the dilemma that construction workers now face. What will productive, safer, well paid jobs in construction look like in 10 years from now? READ MORE

Australia’s next 10,000 Engineers are Gold

If the value of Australia’s next 10,000 engineers is gold then the quality of the next 10,000 must be platinum. Just now there is huge upheaval going on across Australia’s institutions and governments. Much of this upheaval is aimed at doing what should have been done long ago ... READ MORE

Enterprise Agreement AE406423 – Is that all there is?

Construction Productivity is the word on every politician and constructor’s lips these days – but so far one would have to ask, “Is that all there is?” Industry calls for the reinstatement of the ABCC as the construction industry’s watchdog to tame lawless union behaviour are reaching new heights. In an opinion piece written by Master Builder Association, CEO Wilhelm Harnisch, for construction E-News Sourceable1 it’s hard to disagree that

Construction Industry e-news covers Whistle Blower story

E-news Sourceable is providing a great forum to get inside the detail on what’s happening in Construction in Australia and around the globe ... READ MORE

Australian Constructors maybe being hood-winked by their European and North American counterparts

Response to Australian Financial Review – Property Thursday 5th June 2014 There is a lot being claimed by northern hemisphere constructors trying to cement their market positions in the Australian construction industry ... READ MORE

Housing – more for less

More housing options needed Why? Because the market has changed. NSW and other states are starting to see the recent steep rise in the number of higher density multi-unit dwelling commencements come off the boil ... READ MORE

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