Senator Abetz set to drive ABCC Bill into the wall

The next 2 weeks in the Senate will have a profound effect on Australia’s construction industry no matter what happens. The ideological wrecking ball being swung by Employment Minister Abetz to tackle a recalcitrant CFMEU clearly has no hope under the current ABCC legislation soon to return to the Senate. This ideology oscillates depending on which of the major parties is in power. CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE

Construction over the horizon – more of the same won’t work

Briefing by David Chandler to ACIF Board Members and Executive Melbourne – 3rd March 2015 CLICK HERE FOR PRESENTATION - OPEN IN POWERPOINT

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Better call Noonan (CFMEU National Secretary)

Noonan has consistently achieved double inflation rises for his members over the years since the GFC and the then Labor government propped the construction industry to avoid the downturn seen by our international trading partners. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE