Will ACTU secretary Dave Oliver share his Kodak moment with Dave Noonan?

This month’s ACTU conference could be a bit like the last group hug on the Titanic if unions do not take what Secretary David Oliver said in his speech to this week’s National Press Club in Canberra seriously. Oliver warned that the union movement is threatened by the rise of disruptive technologies and could face a Kodak moment if it does not engage with a new generation of workers. For

Whoever got sacked for employing a blue chip constructor?

But are the benefits of their being too big to fail now being outweighed by ignoring their cost and impact on the wider industry? It’s amazing that the Reserve Bank Governor continues to describe the Sydney and Melbourne markets as the nation’s property hot spots, without any reference to the blanket impact of construction wage agreements and their cost across the whole industry. CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE