Is BIM overhyped?

Detractors of BIM say claims about its cost and productivity benefits remain unsubstantiated, while advocates point to the need for better client education and application of the right level of detail. Christopher Byrne, BIM teacher at Swinburne University of Technology, concedes that the critics of BIM have a valid case in certain circumstance. CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE

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Are calls for governments to share project risk a bit far fetched when coming from Lend Lease?

Lend Lease CEO Steve McCann has called for greater risk to be shared by government on infrastructure projects. This suggests that once turning to the private sector to “achieve more for less” in the delivery of public projects may have come the full circle. Is it now back to the future? READ MORE

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Game on for Modern Construction Enterprises

Hardly a week goes by that I am not approached by two or three organisations to either appraise a new construction product or to describe how Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) might redefine their enterprise. Its clear that there is widespread discontent with current construction methods and contracting. READ MORE