Modern Methods of Construction must redefine construction careers and enterprises within 10 years

David Chandler's Keynote address to RICS 2015 COBRA Conference Today I will be making the case for “a new industry focused collaboration” to become a defining theme for construction across our region. I will be presenting a proposal to establish a Modern Constructors Network involving 10 universities from around the Asia Pacific Rim. READ CONFERENCE PAPER

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What Does Australia Make for Construction These Days?

Construction is pump priming the post mining boom economic hole, so it’s perhaps useful to reflect on what Australia actually makes that goes into projects these days. A huge case is made about the economic benefits of construction. That’s true, but the reality is that a good deal of Australia’s construction expenditure now stimulates a lot of other economies as well ... READ ARTICLE ON SOURCEABLE

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Undermining 200 years of public confidence in Australian Construction

The current enquiries into Construction Materials and Building Certification are a shambles and they don’t appear likely to serve the public or the construction industry well. It’s a national problem and one that cannot be left to the states, the industry associations or CFMEU to fix. READ FULL ARTICLE