Are Construction Contractors Taking on too Much Risk?

At a National Infrastructure Summit organised by the Australian Financial Review in June, Lend Lease chief executive officer Steve McCann told the audience that contractors around the country were being forced to take on too much risk on public sector infrastructure projects, and that a trend to place more risk onto contractors was driving up pricing, impacting productivity and leading to a higher cost society ... CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED

Bill Shorten: Out of Touch and Out of Date

Shorten is just hanging on by the grace of Labour’s left, mainly the CFMEU, these days ... CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE

What Did the RICS Conference Mean for Construction’s Future?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provided a great forum for researchers and academics from around the world to present their work amongst peers in Sydney. David Chandler reported on the event. CLICK HERE TO READ PUBLISHED ARTICLE

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Why Aren’t All Buildings PreFab?

Renowned construction guru and former CEO of Fletcher Construction Group’s Australian, New Zealand, Pacific and North American operations David Chandler OAM is more cautious. While in theory, off-site processes should be less costly compared with traditional on-site construction, Chandler says, questions about whether or not prefab is indeed less expensive are not straightforward and depend upon the benchmarks used. CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE

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