The Australian public remains misinformed about the need to improve constructions performance

The Australian public is entitled to better intel in this debate and in the end a better deal from an industry that benefits from so much public indulgence. This week the ABCC debate has culminated in an ideological battle that has seen this legislation voted down in the Australian Senate. The debate has been fought on the one hand about industrial lawlessness, and on the other by safety and the

Brickbats Fly While Senate Considers ABCC Legislation

Questionable facts and more than a few distractions are sure to be hurled around as all sides try to win or fight the reinstatement of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). The pity is the public becomes none the wiser about why industrial lawlessness must be stamped out in the Australian construction industry. The brickbats that both sides will no doubt exchange seem to becoming more personal and mostly

Checking the facts – why the ABCC legislation is important to the Australian construction industry

Political facts and fact checking may fail to properly inform the public of important debates in my view. They allow commentators to ramble on with often uninformed points of view. This leaves the public in the dark about the facts. Re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is far too important a public interest issue to be constrained by the protocols or of the narrow fact selection reported here.

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Creating a Valuable Modern Construction Enterprise

There has been plenty of interest in my recent article suggesting the sorts of questions that budding construction enterprises might get ready to answer as their businesses look the next phase of growth. The conversation around β€œIs this a business?” is set to continue. There seems to be strong interest in taking the subject further. I believe start up-construction enterprises will be the engine room of the transformations that will