What kind of architects will be in demand in a modern construction industry?

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR - JIANING LUO Off-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. Today’s architects are facing more challenges than ever before. Many architects realize that they are gradually losing control of projects. Architects often focus on design but lack practical experience in manufacturing, construction and have limited financial (transactional) knowledge. These shortcomings restrict their decision-making abilities. It is hard to change their designs

Talkin’ Rubbish – Construction Waste unconstrained by profit, but not cost to consumer?

This article was jointly prepared and published by Associate Professor Vivian Tam and Adjunct Fellow David Chandler - Construction: SCEM Western Sydney University. Despite the green claims industry makes about the growing amount of the waste it creates being recycled, there is no avoiding the fact that this waste costs consumers who have no hand in avoiding it in the first place. But the bigger the downstream waste industry gets,

Construction Futures Lecture Series – ‘Will your company be beaten by 10 percent in a tender some time soon?’

The implications of the digitisation, industrialization and global thematics now pushing construction into a modern era are too powerful to ignore. Tomorrow’s constructors should not be dazzled by these forces, they should take the time to envision and consider what is coming and how it may shape their future. Once embraced, the modernisation of construction is rich in opportunity. There will be new markets and capabilities needed to serve them.