Western Sydney Airport should be delivered by a Commonwealth Government Construction Authority, not a private competitor

The Commonwealth Government has already signalled that it is prepared to go it alone in delivering Western Sydney’s new airport There are many reasons of national and Western Sydney importance as to why the Commonwealth should step up on this occasion. My reasoning is expanded in Sourceable today . The link is below. Sydney Airport claims to generate over 306,000 jobs and drives $30.8bn (or 6.4%) in revenues for the

The Draft Medium Density Design Guideline for NSW – The Missing Middle

How the code is implemented and how the NSW house building industry makes the necessary adaptions to its traditional business models will determine the impact this initiative has on addressing many of today’s housing challenges The submission provides invited comments on the Medium Density Design Guide and recommends the inclusion of small scaled multi-unit development class of up to 10 dwellings be added. These dwellings would be limited to 3