The Modern Construction (MC) era will drive new industry collaborations and a measurably better deal for construction’s customers. Without leadership to advance these developments, their potential may flat-line or regress.

MC is driving a systemic change to all of constructions traditional systems and culture . There are many consequences of construction’s accelerating transformations. Some include;

• The industrialisation of construction will involve and increasing shift of former on-site fabrication activities to off-site. On-site will become a place of assembly, performed by new self-directing work teams and advanced work packaging,

• Within 5 – 7 years as much as 60 percent of construction value add will have occurred before being incorporated on-site, and much of this from off-shore,

• The industry’s methods of value recognition will become dynamic and recognise progressive value-add in real time, increasingly deploying crypto-currencies,

• The industry’s insurers and financiers will take over from local jurisdictions as the main demanders of improved construction performances and compliance,

• The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable the tracking of construction inputs from source, to fabrication, assembly on-site, customer acceptance and in-service,

• The organisation of construction’s traditional transactions and supply chain engagement protocols will progressively trace those of other transformed industries,

• Modern media will have a profound impact in identifying and outing weak links