7 02, 2017

Modern Construction

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The Modern Construction (MC) era will drive new industry collaborations and a measurably better deal for construction’s customers. Without leadership to advance these developments, their potential may flat-line or regress. MC is driving a systemic change to all of constructions traditional systems and culture . There are many consequences of construction’s accelerating transformations. Some include; • The industrialisation of construction will involve and increasing shift of former on-site fabrication activities

18 01, 2017

Western Sydney Airport should be delivered by a Commonwealth Government Construction Authority, not a private competitor

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The Commonwealth Government has already signalled that it is prepared to go it alone in delivering Western Sydney’s new airport There are many reasons of national and Western Sydney importance as to why the Commonwealth should step up on this occasion. My reasoning is expanded in Sourceable today . The link is below. Sydney Airport claims to generate over 306,000 jobs and drives $30.8bn (or 6.4%) in revenues for the

9 01, 2017

The Draft Medium Density Design Guideline for NSW – The Missing Middle

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How the code is implemented and how the NSW house building industry makes the necessary adaptions to its traditional business models will determine the impact this initiative has on addressing many of today’s housing challenges The submission provides invited comments on the Medium Density Design Guide and recommends the inclusion of small scaled multi-unit development class of up to 10 dwellings be added. These dwellings would be limited to 3

10 11, 2016

Shutting the garage door after the car has bolted

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What to do with flat blocks, cars and snout houses? Will the transformation of car use and ownership be permanently recorded by housing typographies that demonstrate how awkwardly planners and subserviently policy makers navigated this period of urban planning history? It’s time for a rethink ... ... If governments are seriously minded to harvest the potential of grey-field sites and the urban middle then they will not only need to

26 10, 2016

What kind of architects will be in demand in a modern construction industry?

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GUEST CONTRIBUTOR - JIANING LUO Off-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. Today’s architects are facing more challenges than ever before. Many architects realize that they are gradually losing control of projects. Architects often focus on design but lack practical experience in manufacturing, construction and have limited financial (transactional) knowledge. These shortcomings restrict their decision-making abilities. It is hard to change their designs

17 10, 2016

Talkin’ Rubbish – Construction Waste unconstrained by profit, but not cost to consumer?

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This article was jointly prepared and published by Associate Professor Vivian Tam and Adjunct Fellow David Chandler - Construction: SCEM Western Sydney University. Despite the green claims industry makes about the growing amount of the waste it creates being recycled, there is no avoiding the fact that this waste costs consumers who have no hand in avoiding it in the first place. But the bigger the downstream waste industry gets,

4 10, 2016

Construction Futures Lecture Series – ‘Will your company be beaten by 10 percent in a tender some time soon?’

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The implications of the digitisation, industrialization and global thematics now pushing construction into a modern era are too powerful to ignore. Tomorrow’s constructors should not be dazzled by these forces, they should take the time to envision and consider what is coming and how it may shape their future. Once embraced, the modernisation of construction is rich in opportunity. There will be new markets and capabilities needed to serve them.

13 09, 2016

What’s the Biggest Risk in Construction Today?

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No matter who you talk to in the construction value chain, there will be a different view of construction risk and who should bear it. My article in today's Sourceable (link below) elaborates on what I firmly believe today's construction industry really needs to come to terms with. I hope you find it interesting. I also pointed to Finith Jernigan’s, ‘Big BIM - little bim’, and his chapters dealing with

16 08, 2016

NSW Affordable Housing – Challenge and Market Failure

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The time for debating affordability must have passed. It’s time for action. The problem in New South Wales and across Australia. Over the last 15 years, Australia’s housing supplies have failed to meet the needs of an increasing number of households caught in a widening gap between traditional providers. This gap is widening despite attempts to stimulate increased supplies from every source. Social housing supplies have not met the demands

24 05, 2016

PrefabNZ’s 5-year Impact Report – CoLab16

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The launch of the HIVE Book[1] – commemorating the Home Innovation Village, in Christchurch. This PrefabNZ initiative allowed ten high-quality, sustainable, well-designed prefabricated houses to be showcased and offer speedy housing solutions to the Christchurch community post the 2011 earthquake. The UNIPod[2]. This was a collaboration between PrefabNZ, NZIA, RVA, Lifemark, and VUW’s SOAD. The CoLab launch was of the winning prototype by First Light Studio and completed by many