Off-site Construction Assurance – the looming industry Game Changer

Construction's narrative continues to be about it's 'pieces and parts'. There is a continuing reluctance to join-up construction's pieces and parts and parts to deliver the industry's customers the full deal. New construction assurance technologies and products are now becoming the 'game changers' that will rewrite the way construction is procured - globally. The linked article below informed my presentation at PrefabAUS last week. CLICK HERE TO READ DAVID CHANDLER'S

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What Did the RICS Conference Mean for Construction’s Future?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provided a great forum for researchers and academics from around the world to present their work amongst peers in Sydney. David Chandler reported on the event. CLICK HERE TO READ PUBLISHED ARTICLE

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Modern Methods of Construction must redefine construction careers and enterprises within 10 years

David Chandler's Keynote address to RICS 2015 COBRA Conference Today I will be making the case for “a new industry focused collaboration” to become a defining theme for construction across our region. I will be presenting a proposal to establish a Modern Constructors Network involving 10 universities from around the Asia Pacific Rim. READ CONFERENCE PAPER

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Construction over the horizon – more of the same won’t work

Briefing by David Chandler to ACIF Board Members and Executive Melbourne – 3rd March 2015 CLICK HERE FOR PRESENTATION - OPEN IN POWERPOINT

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prefabAUS – Inaugural conference, 2014

Prefabricating Australia: Growing our off-site construction sector Keep with Tags OUR OFF-SITE FUTURE - a paper by David Chandler OAM READ THE PRESENTATION PAPER

Re-tooling Australia’s Construction Industry for the 21st Century

Comments for the Vic Government’s Roundtable on the needs of the Prefab industry that may be filled by the Auto component industry – August 2014 by David Chandler OAM READ MORE

David Chandler’s address to PrefabNZ

Read David’s address to PrefabNZ today. He speaks of Australia and New Zealand collaboration in tackling the global industrialised construction market. READ PAPER VIEW DAVID'S POWER POINT DISPLAY OF ADDRESS TO PREFABNZ CONFERENCE

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