Construction Futures Lecture Series – ‘Will your company be beaten by 10 percent in a tender some time soon?’

The implications of the digitisation, industrialization and global thematics now pushing construction into a modern era are too powerful to ignore. Tomorrow’s constructors should not be dazzled by these forces, they should take the time to envision and consider what is coming and how it may shape their future. Once embraced, the modernisation of construction is rich in opportunity. There will be new markets and capabilities needed to serve them.

Growing and attracting new capital for tomorrow’s construction enterprises

This is the last of a four part series of conversations for budding constructors. Construction enterprises once through the start-up phase will immediately be confronted with the challenge of maintaining their early momentum and growing ... Where to from 2015? This series of conversations will be developed each year with an increasing focus on career entry and business development opportunities emerging in Australia, from around New Zealand and the Asia

Be a Construction Game Changer – starting a construction enterprise

This is the third of a four part series of conversations for budding constructors. There are many differing types of construction organisations. It’s how they contribute that matters. For example new constructors may have careers in either the for-profit or not-for-profit sectors. Economic construction entrepreneurs will be just as important as social entrepreneurs. In the end their business models are very similar. Both have common technical, risk management, cost, scheduling

Welcome Constructor Class of 2015 – getting the best navigation skills is key

This is the second of a four part series of conversations for budding constructors. From the ranks of the Constructor’s Class of 2015 we should expect a modern day Sir Albert Jennings or a Sir John Holland to emerge. Others like Baulderstone, Barclay, Edwards, Dusseldorp, Clough and Hutchinson offer similar inspiration to new constructors. In their day these leaders stumped up with deep construction and engineering knowledge to found organisations

Australia’s next 10,000 Engineers are Gold

If the value of Australia’s next 10,000 engineers is gold then the quality of the next 10,000 must be platinum. Just now there is huge upheaval going on across Australia’s institutions and governments. Much of this upheaval is aimed at doing what should have been done long ago ... READ MORE