Prefab Construction – Solution or Symptom

Research week at Western Sydney University provides the opportunity to showcase successes from research and practice. The importance of Construction Management expertise to successfully deliver Western Sydney’s Built environment over the next 20-years cannot be over-stated. The importance of the knowledge to be gained about Smart Modern Construction (SMC) and promoting new capabilities to help develop Western Sydney into one of Australia’s leading SMC hubs clearly embraces Research Week’s aspiration

Modern Construction

The Modern Construction (MC) era will drive new industry collaborations and a measurably better deal for construction’s customers. Without leadership to advance these developments, their potential may flat-line or regress. MC is driving a systemic change to all of constructions traditional systems and culture . There are many consequences of construction’s accelerating transformations. Some include; • The industrialisation of construction will involve and increasing shift of former on-site fabrication activities

What kind of architects will be in demand in a modern construction industry?

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR - JIANING LUO Off-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. Today’s architects are facing more challenges than ever before. Many architects realize that they are gradually losing control of projects. Architects often focus on design but lack practical experience in manufacturing, construction and have limited financial (transactional) knowledge. These shortcomings restrict their decision-making abilities. It is hard to change their designs

Creating a Valuable Modern Construction Enterprise

There has been plenty of interest in my recent article suggesting the sorts of questions that budding construction enterprises might get ready to answer as their businesses look the next phase of growth. The conversation around “Is this a business?” is set to continue. There seems to be strong interest in taking the subject further. I believe start up-construction enterprises will be the engine room of the transformations that will

Is this a Business? If so, What’s the Story?

The Australian construction industry is abuzz with new construction enterprises putting their hand up as examples of modern construction, and many of them fit the bill. The challenge for most is to determine what problem are they solving and how will the industry’s customers get a better deal. Many of these businesses are at a point where they need fresh capital to grow. The obvious question then becomes: is this

A case to disrupt the traditional developer multi-unit housing delivery model

It may be time to consider new ways that future multi-unit supply may be enabled - ways that challenge the current developer delivery model to either do better or give way to alternate providers who will better meet the public's needs. READ DAVID'S FULL ARTICLE IN SOURCEABLE

World class Favco cranes have come a long way since 1923 – A construction productivity perspective

Who has not seen a Favco crane sitting atop a major construction site? They are an amazing piece of engineering, fabrication and erection. Now widely used in construction, engineering infrastructure and on off shore gas and oil platforms one can see Favco cranes on projects in Australia, the US, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East and UK. Some 120 cranes are now manufactured and supplied to these countries