Western Sydney Airport should be delivered by a Commonwealth Government Construction Authority, not a private competitor

The Commonwealth Government has already signalled that it is prepared to go it alone in delivering Western Sydney’s new airport There are many reasons of national and Western Sydney importance as to why the Commonwealth should step up on this occasion. My reasoning is expanded in Sourceable today . The link is below. Sydney Airport claims to generate over 306,000 jobs and drives $30.8bn (or 6.4%) in revenues for the

Is this a Business? If so, What’s the Story?

The Australian construction industry is abuzz with new construction enterprises putting their hand up as examples of modern construction, and many of them fit the bill. The challenge for most is to determine what problem are they solving and how will the industry’s customers get a better deal. Many of these businesses are at a point where they need fresh capital to grow. The obvious question then becomes: is this

Is Housing Advocacy Leading Government Astray?

Politicians are right to be sceptical when they receive unsolicited advice, but some of the advocacy that comes their way is hard to avoid. The cost of living pressures of ordinary households and the debt levels they are being encouraged to subscribe to are just as unsustainable as the debt levels that result from governments that are living beyond our national means. It has never been more important to treat

What’s the future for timber enterprises in Australia and New Zealand?

In the first of two no-holds-barred pieces, both exclusive to Australasian Timber, about the changes that lay ahead in a global construction market, David provides a context for what this means for southern hemisphere timber building products. The first piece – What’s the future for timber enterprises in Australia and New Zealand? will be featured in the February edition of Australasian Timber, the first cab off the rank for our

Australian Constructors maybe being hood-winked by their European and North American counterparts

Response to Australian Financial Review – Property Thursday 5th June 2014 There is a lot being claimed by northern hemisphere constructors trying to cement their market positions in the Australian construction industry ... READ MORE

Sydney 2050 – time for a bex!

Sydney 2050 - It’s time for a Bex and a good lie down. This story is just hype to press for more density. Readers should just relax! READ MORE

When Architects were Architects and Builders were glad of it

Construction quality and the reliability of independent project certification is a big issue for the construction industry today. Weak industry governance structures fail to get to the root cause and make those responsible for poor quality construction outcomes accountable ... READ MORE

World class Favco cranes have come a long way since 1923 – A construction productivity perspective

Who has not seen a Favco crane sitting atop a major construction site? They are an amazing piece of engineering, fabrication and erection. Now widely used in construction, engineering infrastructure and on off shore gas and oil platforms one can see Favco cranes on projects in Australia, the US, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East and UK. Some 120 cranes are now manufactured and supplied to these countries