Construction Futures Lecture Series – ‘Will your company be beaten by 10 percent in a tender some time soon?’

The implications of the digitisation, industrialization and global thematics now pushing construction into a modern era are too powerful to ignore. Tomorrow’s constructors should not be dazzled by these forces, they should take the time to envision and consider what is coming and how it may shape their future. Once embraced, the modernisation of construction is rich in opportunity. There will be new markets and capabilities needed to serve them.

Game on for Modern Construction Enterprises

Hardly a week goes by that I am not approached by two or three organisations to either appraise a new construction product or to describe how Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) might redefine their enterprise. Its clear that there is widespread discontent with current construction methods and contracting. READ MORE

A constructor’s look back at the BER Implementation Review

It’s nearly 4 years since the BER Implementation Review Taskforce reported to the Federal government on school complaints, value for money and related matters. The Taskforce’s three reports were received with mixed reaction. Recently I have been asked for copies of the final report and about what happened to the one time data set collected by the Taskforce to provide a unique insight into construction delivery methods and performances for

Growing and attracting new capital for tomorrow’s construction enterprises

This is the last of a four part series of conversations for budding constructors. Construction enterprises once through the start-up phase will immediately be confronted with the challenge of maintaining their early momentum and growing ... Where to from 2015? This series of conversations will be developed each year with an increasing focus on career entry and business development opportunities emerging in Australia, from around New Zealand and the Asia

Senator Abetz set to drive ABCC Bill into the wall

The next 2 weeks in the Senate will have a profound effect on Australia’s construction industry no matter what happens. The ideological wrecking ball being swung by Employment Minister Abetz to tackle a recalcitrant CFMEU clearly has no hope under the current ABCC legislation soon to return to the Senate. This ideology oscillates depending on which of the major parties is in power. CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHED ARTICLE

Construction clients need to step up to get a better deal

Construction procurement these days is more process driven than transaction focused. It is the sum of the parts of a client’s brief, multiple designer and consultant inputs, mixed priorities and in the end a tender which then becomes the beginning of a new chain of sub-contractor and supplier bid shopping to drive lowest cost and maximise residual contractor margin. Few of these endeavours are focused on ensuring that clients get

Could cranes be a Bellwether indicator of pre-construction planning effectiveness?

A leading national Quantity Surveyor recently published a report that proposed a crane index as a measure of industry confidence in the face of the current construction rebound. It was proposed that this might be an international innovation. Cranes may provide some indicators for governments, the industry and the public about how the economy is faring. One assumes the public would believe that many cranes on the horizon are a

What’s the future for construction academia and research in Australia?

Construction academia and research has lost direction. It has no accountability for its poor level of contribution. The cloisters of tenure offer protection to a species that must now repurpose. Academics and researchers have hitched their hearts to a conjunction where the “built world” and the “natural world” meet. The descriptor “Built Environment” has become an omnibus for academics and researchers to leverage this nomenclature to garner more attention. This