Western Sydney Airport should be delivered by a Commonwealth Government Construction Authority, not a private competitor

The Commonwealth Government has already signalled that it is prepared to go it alone in delivering Western Sydney’s new airport There are many reasons of national and Western Sydney importance as to why the Commonwealth should step up on this occasion. My reasoning is expanded in Sourceable today . The link is below. Sydney Airport claims to generate over 306,000 jobs and drives $30.8bn (or 6.4%) in revenues for the

Shutting the garage door after the car has bolted

What to do with flat blocks, cars and snout houses? Will the transformation of car use and ownership be permanently recorded by housing typographies that demonstrate how awkwardly planners and subserviently policy makers navigated this period of urban planning history? It’s time for a rethink ... ... If governments are seriously minded to harvest the potential of grey-field sites and the urban middle then they will not only need to

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