The Commonwealth Government has already signalled that it is prepared to go it alone in delivering Western Sydney’s new airport There are many reasons of national and Western Sydney importance as to why the Commonwealth should step up on this occasion. My reasoning is expanded in Sourceable today . The link is below.

Sydney Airport claims to generate over 306,000 jobs and drives $30.8bn (or 6.4%) in revenues for the NSW economy. The airport drives $14.6bn in global freight. That’s worth maintaining control of. Sydney airport is 8km to the Sydney CBD. But the Sydney economy is changing. According to the Greater Sydney Commission the Sydney economy represents $378bn in national GDP. Its the biggest contributor to the national economy. According to recent data released by the NSW the NSW Minister for Planning, the Greater Sydney population is expected to increase by 100,000 people each year until at least 2036. That’s just when Western Sydney Airport should be maturing.

So, there will be more than enough economy to go around, and Sydney Airport and Western Sydney Airports should be fierce competitors. That is how innovative new enterprises and new jobs will be best driven. Western Sydney is a hub for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s). SME’s are the most vibrant and innovative in responding to change and new opportunities. Especially as Australia fully embraces the potential of the digital economy. And look where the jobs growth is forecast for Sydney.

The Greater Sydney Commission knows that the roles of Western and Central will be the major forces going forward. Here is an extract from the GSC web site;

The last thing Western Sydney needs just now is a fast tracked roll out of the Western Sydney Airport affected by anything other than a Western Sydney focused priority. By 2036 the physical and economic centre of Sydney will be Greater Parramatta. Closer to Western Sydney Airport than Sydney Airport. That is when Western Sydney Airport should not only be making a great contribution to Western Sydney, that is when the Commonwealth could realise highest and best value for a 99 year leasehold for Western Sydney Airport based on established revenues, patronage and future potential.