construction-riskNo matter who you talk to in the construction value chain, there will be a different view of construction risk and who should bear it.

My article in today’s Sourceable (link below) elaborates on what I firmly believe today’s construction industry really needs to come to terms with. I hope you find it interesting.

I also pointed to Finith Jernigan’s, ‘Big BIM – little bim’, and his chapters dealing with the Firm, People and Time (see chapters 7, 8 and 9). If you have time I downloaded both e-versions of this and Dean Strombom’s book, The Commercial Real Estate Revolution.These are instructive publications as they offer a growing body of evidence that traditional construction as many still cling onto, is being disrupted by its modern construction counterpart. Where I find the greatest resistance to accepting the need for change is in larger contractors, their industry associations and in universities.

Where there is great interest – is amongst small, mid-sized and start-up constructors who see the potential of breaking out from the pack and leaving the old – ‘someone else needs to change before me’ idiom behind. These are the ‘fast fish’ that World Economic Forum, Chairman Klaus Schwab describes below;
“in the new business world, it’s not the big fish that eat the small fish – it’s the fast fish that eat the slow fish”.