architectOff-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. Today’s architects are facing more challenges than ever before. Many architects realize that they are gradually losing control of projects. Architects often focus on design but lack practical experience in manufacturing, construction and have limited financial (transactional) knowledge. These shortcomings restrict their decision-making abilities. It is hard to change their designs once construction procurement and fabrication has commenced.

Let me introduce you to Jianing Luo. He is a research candidate studying Off-Site Construction Manufacture. Jianing’s work involves investigating order in OSCM to better inform designers, manufacturers and assemblers of buildings about the constituent prefabricated components from which prefabricated buildings are constructed, the methods and sequences necessary to bring tomorrow’s building components together more seamlessly. His work is a collaboration between Southeast University in China and Newcastle University in Australia. They hope to gather new insights and share the findings of this work.
Below is a link to a discussion Jianing has prepared to share with those who may be interested in contributing to his research and undertaking a survey or interview.

What kind of architects will be in demand in a modern construction industry?

Associate Professor Willy Sher School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle is supervising Jianing Luo’s work. We have made a number of suggestions about the people and firms who may be helpful in sharing their experiences about OSCM. These are from the design, construction and manufacturing sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Jianing has a lot to share, and we would value your assistance with this project.

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